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The Michael Datta Group was founded by Michael Datta in 1998. Michael Datta Group has launched and co-founded companies covering the following industries:

  • Technology - Executive Recruitment, IT Consulting and Contracting
  • Wine - Vineyards, Wineries, Winemaking, Viticulture, Agronomy, Management and Export
  • Coffee - Roasting, Cafe Set-ups, Barista Training and Marketing
  • Hospitality - Start Ups, Management, Executive Recruitment, Training, Design, Fit-out and Construction

Michael Datta Group's longterm ongoing successes are due to:

  1. Only doing business that Michael Datta Group is truly passionate about.
  2. Surrounding Michael Datta Group with amazing, talented, high achievers. "The Brains Trust"

Stay tuned for many more exciting new ventures and projects over the next 20+ years...

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